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An Equal Opportunity Employer

In order for you to be considered for employment, this application must be filled out in its ENTIRETY. All statements made by applicants for employment on this application form will be checked for accuracy.

Self Photograph

Because our office is based out of Orlando, FL, we do not always get to meet our out-of-state applicants face-to-face.  To help overcome this challenge, we require every applicant to submit a recent, smiling photograph of themselves so we can see exactly who it is we're interviewing/hiring.

We're always looking for presentable, clean-cut individuals with no visible tattoos or piercings. 

You will be an extension of Gotcha's brand image when you arrive at our client's business location, so we only want the best of the best representing us!

Please provide a happy, smiling photo of yourself

WARNING: This job is NOT for just anybody

Job Statement: An Energetic Gotcha Directional is to deliver an energetic performance by moving the provided sign in ways shown in the company's training videos creating an attraction to themselves motivating the viewer to read the message on the sign and respond to the advertised message.

The Gotcha Directional is a Gotcha Ambassador who interfaces between the costumer and Gotcha Media.

A Gotcha Directional will always act energetic, behave professionally, politely, enthusiastically, and respectfully at all times during his/her showing resulting in positive customer feedback. This will result in positive remarks and comments on his/her performance report.

Job Requirements

To perform this job successfully, a Gotcha Directional must be able to complete all areas outlined for this position in an outstanding manner. This section states the requirements[] of the knowledge, skills, and/or abilities necessary to meet the required job standards of a Gotcha Directional.

Note: Majority of Jobs are on weekend

Reference Check

Becoming an energetic Gotcha Directional requires more than just a burst a energy during your performance.  Not only are you expected to perform with 100% effort throughout your entire shift, you are also required to complete the entire assignment as instructed.

Our clients have paid for a set amount of hours at a set time during the day.  We have zero tolerance for those who show up late, leave early, or don't show up altogether.  For this reason we are only looking for reliable and dependable people who we can trust to arrive on-time and do the job to the best of their abilities every time.

Please help us to weed out those who will not meet our company standards of excellence by providing at least one reference of a past employer who we may contact to get a better understanding of your past job performance.  References will be checked following an preliminary interview.

Reference 1

Reference 2

Please Fill Out Each Required Field Before Moving On